Our Work

Our Work

Project Introduction

At Pakistan Local Democracy Dialogue (PLDD), we are dedicated to promoting stronger local governments in Pakistan through advocacy, research, and consensus building. By engaging political representatives, civil society, and bureaucracy, we gather recommendations to improve local governments’ financial and administrative structures. Our goal is to strengthen democracy in Pakistan by empowering local governments, advocating for effective enforcement of constitutional laws, and providing a draft for financial and regulatory framework reforms based on consensus of all stakeholders of the local governance ecosystem.

Project Goals

To achieve our project goals, we have developed a comprehensive strategy that focuses on addressing the issues at hand. We use various social media platforms to raise public awareness about LG functions and the importance of strengthening democracy through empowered local governments. We hold consultative provincial conclaves with local government officers, political leaders, bureaucracy, and civil society representatives to gather feedback and recommendations on improving the financial and administrative structures of LGs. We also draft research briefs and working papers on multiple aspects of local government structures to provide valuable insights into the issues and help build consensus around reforms.

Mission Statement

⁃  To provide a roadmap for constitutional and regulatory framework changes in order to make local government bodies more effective and empower in the public eye.
⁃  Make public aware of the powers and responsibilities local government bodies hold.

Strategy Behind our work

In summary, at PLDD, we are committed to strengthening local democracy in Pakistan by advocating for the empowerment of local governments and effective enforcement of constitutional laws. Through our advocacy, research, and consensus building movement, we aim to provide a draft for financial and regulatory framework reforms that will benefit all stakeholders in the local governance ecosystem. Our work is critical in promoting a more transparent and effective system of governance that serves the needs of the people of Pakistan.

Brief On Project Activities

1. Media Awareness & Engaging Campaigns:

⁃  The project will use social media campaigns as a two way communication to engage general public and government officials.
⁃  Online presentations and workshops will be held to thoroughly analyse local government laws and acts for all the provinces and Islamabad Capital Territory. These presentations and workshop will be available on all social media channels and also will be share with government officials.
⁃  Through social media channels general public and government officials will be asked to record their reviews and feedback on the performance of local government in the form of video messages and send them to the project team.

2. Local Conclaves:

⁃  Town hall meetings will be conducted in various districts to provide a platform to general public, local politicians and legal experts in order to share their views and give feedback on the issues local government is currently facing. The issues with there causes will be highlighted and the possible solutions will be discussed.
⁃  The final product of this project will be in the form of report. That report will include analysis and solutions from the meetings and online workshops on legal, constitutional, administrative and financial matters of local government bodies.

Project Team:

1. Social Media Team

⁃  This team will manage all the social media platforms for this project i-e YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, Watsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit. (Newspapers can also be use as communication channel)
⁃  The team will gather user generated content through social media platforms. Then they will share this content with general public and government officials in order to spread awareness.

2. Musicians for Project Anthem

⁃  A local government anthem will be created to gain attention of public. For this anthem musicians will be hired for the project.

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